6th International Workshop on Conducting Empirical Studies in Industry (CESI 2018)

Challenges in conducting empirical research in and with industry arise from the complexity of systems, products and services, processes, organizational settings, business contexts, etc., and from the sometimes contradicting goals of empirical researchers (search for truth) and practitioners (search for solutions). Yet, empirical studies in industry are necessary to ensure the relevance and applicability of software engineering research in the real world. Consequently, the goal of CESI is to look beyond research methodologies, focusing on how empirical research results can be obtained and put into action in industrial settings. Building on the results of five previous editions of the CESI at ICSE and utilizing the momentum created in the community, CESI 2018 will push further with a theme investigating the role of generalizability, replications and context-driven empirical research in industry. The workshop will investigate if and how results obtained in specific industry contexts can help advance the industry in general. Also, CESI will investigate the impact of empirical studies conducted in industry, including successes and failures. We believe that this will further stimulate empirical research in software engineering and increase industry’s appreciation of empirical research.